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2023-01-30 11:31
On-chain distribution network
for Web3 Marketers

First of its kind combination of ingenious protocols combined with a powerful acquisition channel to enable CPA on organic channels.

Integration with

Solving the User Growth Trilemma

Piggi ensures user quality without compromising on either transparency or predictability. In simple words, you get the best of all three.

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Web3 Ad Network Protocol & Provider

An efficient user acquisition mechanism that connects ad impressions to on-chain purchases. The publishers receive their fees through verified attribution and the end to end CPA ads ensure maximum ROI for Advertisers.

What makes Piggi unique?

Built on web3 - Owned by you

Piggi has been built on Web 3.0 and delivers on the promise of a Decentralised and Unbiased Advertising network.

No Intermediaries

Publishers can verify the traffic sent by them on-chain.
There is no need to rely on third parties for attribution anymore.

Quality Advertisers

The ads distributed are from reputed advertisers.
This means the users will never be bothered by Spammy and Scammy Ads ever again.

Monetise Audience

New varieties of incentives and monetisation possibilities have been unlocked for publishers that cater to the Web3 Space.

Marketers can now grow their projects efficiently and predictably

We provide advertisers with an effective, predictable, and measurable way of acquiring high-quality web3 users. Piggi is the way to go for advertisers who want maximum return on Ad spend.​

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