December 1, 2022 2023-01-04 7:33
Acquire Quality Web 3 Users effectively & measurably

Grow your Projects more predictably, reach Web 3 User base with Publishers from large Communities, DApps, Web 3 Blogs, etc.

Why Piggi ?

Current Alternatives are inefficient, Spammy & Scammy

Lack of Transparency & Predictability

All currently available either lack Transparency and fair Cost per acquisition ads are next to impossible

Incompatible / Oppurtunist Users

Genuine Web 3 Users would care about the Project beyond financial gains

Fully Centralised Platform

You rely on Google / Facebook & Other third parties for Attribution Data

Advertising Network of the Future
  • No trusted Third Party required with Proof of Acquisition.
  • Advertisers maximise ROAS with CPAs run on Communities.

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We Can help reduce the cost & inefficiency in User Acquisition

100s of Discord servers are a part of the Piggi Network, begin your advertising journey with Piggi now.

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Convert your contacts / network into a steady and stable income. Whether you are an influencer or a publishing house,
Earn predictable high income from your Discord Community, Blogs, or Social Media.