November 30, 2022 2023-01-04 7:31
Monitise your Audience

Earn predictable high income from your Discord Community, Blogs, or Social Media.

Estimated Revenue

Based on current demand and market rate

$9.25 USD

per follower

You can earn up to

$925,000 USD

per month

for an estimate of


Why Piggi ?

Current Alternatives are inefficient, Spammy & Scammy

so we provide


All currently available either lack Transparency and fair Cost per acquisition ads are next to impossible

Predictability of income

You can easily and accurately predict your monthly income based on the number of followers you have.

Quality of Projects

You can expect great quality projects, NFTs, and monitored Ads such that they don’t annoy your dear followers


With our decentralised infrastructure, you can have more control over your data, you’ll know exactly what data you’re giving out and what we are doing with that information.

More Money per User

As most projects in Web 3.0 require quality users, they are willing to pay a higher sum of money to acquire new customers.

Quality of Projects / Advertisers

You can count on us to provide top notch quality Web 3 projects including NFTs and fun games.

Be a part of Growing Community

Piggi is soon going to be the most happening platform to be on, all credits to the tremendous growth opportunities. Let’s discover the world of web3.0 together.

Publish Quality Advertisers with full control

Publishers who display the ads embed Piggi plugin or Bot on their Apps, Games or Discord Communities, etc. Publishers' would make a higher ROI on their Audience base, given the higher value of a Web3 User with CPA enabled user acquisition.

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Convert your contacts / network into a steady and stable income. Whether you are an influencer or a publishing house,
Earn predictable high income from your Discord Community, Blogs, or Social Media.